Cameron Oil and Gas Co. Ltd

Delivering quality Oilfield Services throughout the Nation

A Key Player in the Local Oil and Gas Industry

Built on a foundation of ethical values demonstrated through community development. This makes us who we are.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a recognized provider of quality Oilfield services to the local and regional Oil and Gas industry.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop and maintain commitment of  stable and long term relationships with all our stakeholders, together with consistent delivery of high quality services that contribute to their success.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

COGL is committed to attaining its vision through a positive  approach, as we continue to urge each employee and individual to embrace a leadership culture to every job that we set out to complete.

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Results Oriented

What COGL Strives for:

COGL is Results Oriented

Demand in a Changing Market

Fast Tracking Capability

  • COGL is Results Oriented
  • Demand in a Changing Market
  • Fast Tracking Capability

Key Personnel

COGL’S organizational structure is as follows:

Mr. Wayne Lincoln

Finance Director

Mr. Rodriguez  Cameron

Mr. Rodriguez Cameron

Major Shareholder

  • Startups 90%
  • Investments 80%
  • Leadership 70%
Mrs. Hema Singh-Lalla

Mrs. Hema Singh-Lalla

Managing Director

  • Strategy 95%
  • Management 85%
  • Customer Service 65%
Mrs. Josanne Sobion-Brown

Mrs. Josanne Sobion-Brown

Administrative Specialist

  • Administraton 85%
  • Management 80%
  • Customer Service 70%
Winston Whiteman

Winston Whiteman

Operations Superintendent

  • Engineering 90%
  • Equipment 75%
  • Management 65%