Our Policies

Quality Policy

CAMERON  OIL AND GAS COMPANY LIMITED is committed to providing quality products and services in a manner that meets and exceeds our clients and sub-contractors requirements in accordance with any applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirement.

CAMERON  OIL AND GAS COMPANY LIMITED shall ensure that all employees are trained and competent to achieve its policy goals and objectives in a quality conscious environment.  This fosters innovation and commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system and all aspects of operations.


H.S.E Policy Statement

CAMERON OIL AND GAS COMPANY LIMITED an experienced, result oriented and customer focused organization is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its workers, customers, visitors and anyone to whom we come in contact with in our day-to-day interactions. We also strive to preserve the environment in which we operate.

Our Safety Policy Statement is backed by a comprehensive Safety Policy document which deals with all aspects of safety in our organization.

In principle and in practice, we always meet all the safety requirements of our stakeholders, including government agencies.


Financial Health

COGL track record in completing workovers successfully and ahead of schedule, efficiency in submitting invoices and continuous follow up on payments have been a major contributing factor in strengthening our financial position.

Our finances are managed via the E-First system, which enables us to manage payments to service providers, monitor our accounts and most importantly manage the account.

COGL in our formative stage possessed one (1) work-over rig. This Rig accumulated a yearly income of approximately $5.3M. As it would be noticed later on in this presentation, we are in the process of acquiring another Rig and the laws of Economies of Scale dictate that our profit margin would exponentially increase while decreasing our associated operational costs.

The new, higher income level that we would enjoy would place us in a situation to have greater retained profits that can be utilized as re-investment funds and/or some allocation of funding for diversification. All of these would indeed help to improve our business  model and reduce any encumbrances that arise from the lack of capital injection.

We maintain a relationship with First Citizens Bank- Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande.