Results Oriented

COGL is Results Oriented

History shows us that the prices of oil cannot be controlled. however the factors which contribute to increased profits can be. Overheads, capital and operating expenditures, chargeable rates, planning and proper job execution are factors which can be controlled when we have fluctuating oil prices. As such Service Providers and Operators needs to constantly develop innovative solutions to optimize productivity and reduce completion cost.

COGL has develop measures to reduce cost completion while optimizing  production.

This can be achieved by

  • Providing the properly maintained Equipments backed by a stringent Preventative Maintenance schedule to minimize downtime.
  • Follow all guidelines on our H.S.E Management System to avoid accidents/incidents/near misses to result in downtime.
  • Practice proper procurement and logistics management to avoid cost and time over run
  • Employ competent persons through effective Human Resource Management to complete the jobs effectively.
  • Plan and execute jobs within required timeline.
  • Practice good communication with Customers.


Demand in a Changing Market

COGL is aware of the fluctuating Global price of oil, needless to say we are capitalizing now in a niche market. The truth of this matter presents a “two-fold” opportunity. Due to the oil price decrease, efforts are being aggressively implemented to boost local productivity and we play a vital role in this regard. The second aspect is it is still cheaper to harness oil locally for refinery use than importation. This leads to COGL demand being high from medium to long term regardless the wavering of the Global Oil Price.