Mr. Wayne Lincoln

Finance Director

Mr. Wayne Lincoln has been with the company since inception. He is part of the company’s senior executive team with responsibility for their company’s financial health. His role is operational and strategic. He manages accounting and financial control functions, and establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business. Mr. Lincoln has a wealth of experience and qualifications in the Accounting World and Business Management.

Mr. Rodriguez  Cameron
  • Startups 90%
  • Investments 80%
  • Leadership 70%

Mr. Rodriguez Cameron

Major Shareholder

As the Major Shareholder and Chairman, has over 40years of experience in this sector, elevating the company to higher levels of achievement by anticipating the changing markets and its needs. Mr. Cameron leads the organization by his vision to develop the company via provision of services that create a catalytic response of exponential growth and stability.

Mrs. Hema Singh-Lalla
  • Strategy 95%
  • Management 85%
  • Customer Service 65%

Mrs. Hema Singh-Lalla

Managing Director

The Managing Director Mrs. Hema Singh-Lalla, has over the years grown within the business gaining experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. She has the responsibility  for the performance of the company and over the years developed ideas for growth and expansion of the Cameron Group. Mrs. Singh-Lalla has a wealth of knowledge in Environmental Technology, Occupational Health and Safety and Business Management. Mrs. Singh-Lalla envisions the company to be a recognized leader in the Local/Regional and International Oil and Gas Industry.

Mrs. Josanne Sobion-Brown
  • Administraton 85%
  • Management 80%
  • Customer Service 70%

Mrs. Josanne Sobion-Brown

Administrative Specialist

The Administrative Specialist Mrs. Josanne Sobion-Brown has a wealth of knowledge in Accounting, Human Resource Management and Purchasing. She has weathered with the Company through its various struggles and her tenacity and result-oriented attitude is a quality that has added positively to the productivity of the Company. Mrs. Sobion-Brown has the responsibility of working closely with the core employees within the Organization to ensure efficiency and quality when delivering our services.

Winston Whiteman
  • Engineering 90%
  • Equipment 75%
  • Management 65%

Winston Whiteman

Operations Superintendent

Our Operations Superintendent –  Mr Whiteman’s acumen are extensive and varied.  The expertise he embodies in the oil environment and by extension the Energy Sector truly make him a valued asset. He is a retired Petrotrin Senior Toolpusher. He possesses the correct attitude and knowledge to make our team the best at what we do.